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Gallery – Getting to know the 4×4 Hunter TR 12 armored vehicle designed and manufactured in Colombia

Ene 23, 2024
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The Hunter TR 12 is an MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle designed and manufactured in Colombia for the country’s military forces. It has been sold to Suriname, where it is utilized by the National Army. The primary purpose of the vehicle is troop transport in areas with challenging security conditions, where they may be vulnerable to improvised explosive devices, grenades, or gunfire. However, the Hunter can also be adapted into various versions, such as a command post, ambulance, armored logistics vehicle, police vehicle, riot control vehicle, artillery trailer, fire support platform, platform with anti-aircraft systems, and other configurations based on the buyer’s requirements.

The main features of the armored vehicle include a crew capacity of 12 passengers and 1 gunner, a rotating turret that can carry .50 caliber and 7.62 machine guns or a 40mm grenade launcher. It also features 9 reaction hatches, STANAG II protection, 360° armor against rifles, V-shaped floor armor against explosives, and anti-blast seats. Additional amenities include dual air conditioning, dual smoke extractor, alternator, tactical lights for nighttime operations, thermal cameras, and other accessories that can be installed upon customer request.

Armor International, established in 1984 in Bogotá, Colombia, is a pioneer in the development of armor for automobiles, aircraft, ships, containers, etc. The company offers a range of protection products, including ballistic-resistant vests, glass, and tires. Its mission is to be a company dedicated to generating and producing state-of-the-art armor systems that provide protection to the lives of customers and users through the continuous development of excellent quality products and services.

Currently, the Hunter TR 12 is in operation with the Colombian Police (2 units), the Surinamese Army (1 unit), and the Colombian Army (6 units with 4 more in the process of purchase). In this gallery, exclusive images from Zona Militar taken at a defense exhibition in Bogotá, Colombia, showcase the latest vehicle built by the company on the International CV chassis.

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